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We offer you Peace of Mind

Make sure your loved one is being looked after. If you suspect a family member aged 65 or over is at risk of developing Dementia, the Iris device will continously monitor behaviour indicators of Dementia and create reports for you.

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Detecting early signs of Dementia

Our analytics platform observes behaviours and creates reports and insights, simple and easy to understand, giving you an advantage over traditional approaches where you have to hire carers, book appointments, wait for weeks, repeat questionnaires or rely on 3rd party observations.


Working non-stop

Rest assured that family members at risk of Dementia will be observed and monitored 24/7. The Iris device observes people accurately even in low light conditions. Track behaviour changes over long periods of time, and learn how to deal with them.


Accessible and personalised insights

Browse tailored reports on any device and from anywhere in the world at anytime. Receive alerts when Dementia signs appear or monitor the overal emotional timeline of the person you care about.


Examining behaviour changes

Did you know that most people are diagnosed with Dementia too late? And as with any illness, the earlier Dementia is detected, the better the quality of life that person will have. Every 3 seconds one person develops Dementia, and in the UK alone 60% of Dementia affected people are not diagnosed on time.


We're here for the long term

People over 65 years old are at 7% risk of developing Dementia whilst those aged over 80 years old are at 17% risk of having Dementia. Our mission is to monitor the key indicators over a long period of time, even after a Dementia diagnosis, in order to ensure it doesn't get worse.

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For more than one person

Iris can track and observe multiple people in the house, all you have to do is register them for observation. Thus allowing you to make sure every parent, grandparent or family member is healthy. Our adaptive analytics engine is customisable and works for a variety of personalities.


Filtering and customising alerts

Everyone is unique; you can adjust behaviour analytics to suit a temperamental parent, or naturally reserved people. You make sure you only receive the alerts you need, and filter the ones you don't want, so that you can relax too.

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save on costs

Save on Care costs

You can save a lot on care costs and delay hospitalisation until absolutely needed. Not only does your family member avoid the stress and anxiety of staying in a hospital, but you also help the National Health Systems! Most elderly people do not want to move into care homes and we aim to allow your family members to stay independent, in their own home and keep on living with dignity. We want to complement existing carers, formal or informal, enabling you to care after your family member and focus on the important and quality aspects rather than worrying.


Extra secure and private

We use the strictest and most secure features, so that you have nothing to worry about. We take your privacy and security very seriously! That is why we do not collect personal data, no human ever sees your stream, no image or video is recorded and all data is safely encrypted. Only you know who the person being observed is and we will never share any data with anyone else. We conform to SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 by using Google Cloud in the EU. We use AES-256 as well as TLS v1.1 for data and internet traffic encryption. Our cloud platform is HIPAA-compliant and we constantly check and add layers of security to protect you and your data.


It is cheap and simple

For a limited time and whilst we are doing beta testing our early bird offer is 6 months free, after which the cost is £19.99 a month for the subscription. We use a subscription service and charge you for the data processed per Iris device, which costs £39.99. There are no hidden fees or other costs, and we currently accept PayPal. If you take part on our survey, you can win a free Iris device in addition to 6 months free use.

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The Iris technology has been developed through a 5 year long research and testing programme. We are working in collaboration with Coventry University, the NHS/NIHR and the research team of IRCCS/San Giovani Rotondo in Italy and the Royal Stoke University Hospital, and have been supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Coventry University Enterprises (CUE) and the Coventry and Warwickshire Enteprise Network (CWLEP). We have recently been awarded a place in StartUpBootcamp in the top 8 start-ups from over 300 companies around the world. We are advised by the national careworkers association (NACAS), the DLL group, Rolls Royce and ThisIsProgressive.com through the StartUpBootcamp accelerator.

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