Detect and track Dementia progression at home

At anytime, using your personal devices

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Decode Behaviour

Using facial recognition, IRIS decodes and records the behaviour of those you care about the most.

Fully Autonomous

Simply set it up and forget it's there. It is a passive monitoring device which produces reports for you.

Your Virtual Eyes

Rest assured knowing someone is always looking after your relative. It works 24/7 and tracks emotions and movement.

Introducing IRIS

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Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Discover and track early signs. Ensure your loved one deals with Dementia as best as possible.

Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle Modification

Help your relative to improve the symptoms of Dementia. Focus on important changes and observe the results.

Personalised Insights

Personalised Insights

Access specific and useful reports, tailored for the person you care the most.

Really Serious About Security


Uber Private

No human ever sees your data. No video or images recorded. No 3rd party access. No sharing of information with anyone, ever!


Extra secure

Iris conforms to the strictest and most secure standards so that you have nothing to worry about.


Anonymous and Discrete

No real names used. No sensitive data is ever saved. Only you know who the person is, and only you have access to the reports.

How it works

Collaborating on Development and Testing with

Coventry University
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Beta access for end-users in 2019