About Mechion

  • Mechion is a start-up working on creating autonomous patient observation systems which use Artificial Intelligence in order to provide analytics, insights, quantitative and qualitative data of high value to family members, carers as well as Doctors and Hospitals. We are based in Coventry, UK, home of the British automotive industry and are currently taking part in the StartUpBootcamp accelerator in London.

  • In Mechion we strongly believe that people with mental and congitive health problems, such as those affected by dementia, should have the opportunity to live in their own homes for as long as it is possible. We understand that people with mild or moderate dementia are still functional human beings and that moving them to hopsitals or clinics creates a lot of stress, anxiety and anguish.

  • By focusing on the emotional wellbeing and related changes, we believe we can help with healthy ageing, detect important signs and changes and alert family members to intervene or take action. Futhermore, emotional changes are highly correlated with Dementia progression or other mental conditions and should be addressed on time.

The People

Alex Giokas

Dr Alexander Giokas - Director

Alex has a background in Artificial Intelligence with an emphasis in Deep Reinforcement Learning and Knowledge transference. He is a Warwick Alumni and has worked as a consultant, R&D manager in Robotics and AI, and software developer for 10+ years. He was part of the team that designed the Champions League portal, the lead in Ericsson's 5G Now! robot campaign, and a co-creator of the Noos cloud robotics platform.

Maria Ramos Montero

Maria Ramos Montero - CTO

Maria has worked on designing, prototyping and hacking robots. She has developed wind turbine robots, healthcare robots, educational robots, and done a lot of development on ROS and OpenCV. On her free time she is a crafter and maker of various 3D printed projects such as drones and arcade machines. She has an MSc on Mechatronics and a BSc on Electical and Electronic engineering.

Ken Valledy

Ken Valledy - Marketing Advisor

Co-founder of Progressive Acceleration Limited with over 10+ years FMCG, Brand Marketing Experience. Held senior brand roles at Anheuser-Busch Inbev, including UK Brand Director for Beck’s beer and Consumer Connections (Digital) Director for Western Europe.