Iris Device

The Iris device is made of an embedded system on chip and a camera and nothing else! The post-processing of data is done on the cloud where we use the highest and strictest security settings possible.

Extra light - Extra cheap

Iris is a small device the size of a light switch, unobtrusive and easy to fix to the wall. Robust and with no moving parts, it consumes a maximum of 1.2Watts (average 0.6Watt), and costs only £39.99.

Fully autonomous for your convenience

Iris runs constantly and uses computer vision and AI in order to process emotional signs shown by users in its field of view. It works in low light conditions, and does not require from you any programming or interaction, other than the initial setup

Networked and Simple

Iris works over your WiFi, and future versions will work over LTE such as 3G, 4G or 5G. In the event of loss of internet connectivity, the device still processes data and will later send it for processing. It can save up to 7 days worth of behavioural data when no internet is present.

Let me know the release date

We're currently doing trials with Institutional organisations only. You will get a notification when we go live and our early bird offers.

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